Disco Knight


Big changes are on tap this year for Anthony Mansfield. He’s in the midst of a move back to upstate New York. He’s got a new gig in the city and is looking to live a simpler life for now, growing his own food, tending to succulents, eating hot sauce and whatnot. This move is unlikely to slow his music career, just reposition it. He’ll be closer to East Coast hubs like NYC, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Montreal, as well as Europe. West Coast fans should have no fear though. He’s keeping his music studio in San Francisco and will no doubt be back to play various parties in LA and SF.


Anthony Mansfield has been in the game for more than 20 years. Coming of age in San Francisco, like many in that city at the time, he was inspired by Wicked’s full moon massives in the early nineties. Then, he went east and spent the later part of the decade in New York City where he had a late night radio show, a weekly that ran for 8 years and various underground parties which eventually gave birth to his own crew, HectorWorks Soundsystem. After two more years as talent booker and resident DJ at The Odyssey, upstate New York’s largest live music venue, Anthony was ready to return to SF. In 2001, he picked up where he left off in his hometown, joining forces with his old friend DJ M3 as resident DJ and co-promoter of the renowned Green Gorilla Lounge for weekly club nights, monthly blowouts and underground soirees across the Bay Area featuring some of the biggest and best names in dance music at the time.


“SF has had a huge influence on me,” says Anthony. “It’s a lovely, friendly and musically open-minded city. You can play a ripping house set but drop into some slow and sleazy music and crowds will come with you.” He also recognizes the differences between SF and LA; it’s obvious he loves to play here and his set at Futurehouse on May 19th will no doubt reflect that. “In SF, people will hit a couple of clubs and an underground or two in one night,” he says. “In LA, it feels like people lock into one party for the long haul. LA has some heavy dancers and that’s always a nice thing to be a part of.” The last time Anthony played for Leonard Donjuan, co-founder of Futurehouse, he got pulled over on his way there after “some light raging” at King King. Luckily, he didn’t miss his time slot. “I was thankful to be DJing and not in LA County Jail.”


Another community that Mansfield has had enormous effect on is that of Burning Man. He has been attending the fabled festival for 16 years, which is longer than most people do anything. He reflects, “We are in a lineage of camps that came before us starting with Space Lounge, then Green Gorilla Lounge and now Disco Knights. The philosophy is to keep our feet on the ground, to host a psychedelic dance party and to work our asses off because we love community.” DJs who have graced the decks of Disco Knights are the cream of the crop and include Seth Troxler, Basement Jaxx, Soul Clap, Thugfucker, Art Department, Wolf and Lamb, Jamie Jones and countless others. Though 2017 will be the final year of Disco Knights at Burning Man, Mansfield will probably play the festival long after his own camp is disassembled. “It’s the hardest and most satisfying DJ-related event I do,” he says. “Just the logistics of it alone are insane. But I get to work with some of my closest friends and it’s because of this international platform.”


Most recently, Anthony has been hard at work on his own Disco Knights underground set for April 22 in SF, the Disco Knights Cosmic Campout June 2-4 in Yosemite and prepping for Burning Man. He’ll also be heading back to Croatia for his 3rd annual Disco Knights boat party at Love International. Then there are some events in the works with DJ M3 for Green Gorilla Lounge. Mansfield’s recent releases include an EP for Paper Music and a production with Sneak-E Pete on Green Gorilla Lounge. He’s got loads more music forthcoming on various labels including Roam Recordings.


With his recent move back to the East Coast, it’s wise you don’t miss this guy’s set at Futurehouse in a few weeks. Burners and club kids unite. This one is not to be missed.




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